Thursday, October 20, 2011

5 Days to Go and Still More Battlefield 3 Footage

With 5 days left before Battlefield 3 deploys, there's a lot of buzz flying around about DICE's blockbuster title. EA and DICE are not content just letting the heat simmer, as they have been turning it up in the final weeks leading up to the release with a new trailer, screenshots, and Back to Karkand information.

Some gamers were left concerned after the beta - disappointed by the console frame-rate and low levels of destruction in Operation Metro, absence of vehicles, and fairly confined gameplay. However, a recent trailer seeks to calm these doubts by showcasing tanks, helicopters, and a plethora of collapsing structures. Additionally, the video offers a peak at some of the Battlefield 3 maps, as well as the Back to Karkand maps - including an interesting birds-eye view from a falling trooper.

The L85A1 from Battlefield 2 makes a triumphant return to the series.
Additionally, it has been revealed that Back to Karkand features the return of several classic Battlefield 2 weapons. Among those reappearing are the MP5, the L85, and the FAMAS. According to released information, you will be able to use the weapons in both Back To Karkand and regular Battlefield.

There's a lot of exciting news for Battlefield 3 fans to sink their teeth into and keep themselves busy until the game's release.  Battlefield 3 comes out this Tuesday, October 25 on PC, Xbox 360, and PS3. The Back to Karkand expansion is included for free with the pre-order Limited Editions.

In the meantime, take a gander at the stunning sequences included in the most recent trailer below.

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