Thursday, June 13, 2013

Amazon taking votes on the E3 2013 console war

Internet retailer Amazon has launched a polling page to see what consumers think of the Xbox One/PlayStation 4 console war. The page, called Amazon Versus, can be found on Facebook. At the time of this post, Sony has a shocking 17 to 1 lead over Microsoft. 

Even before the console was officially announced, Microsoft has been plagued by a series of poor public statements and controversy surrounding the console's strict connectivity requirements used game policies. Unfortunately, the negative sentiment has stuck to Microsoft despite a strong press conference that detailed a variety of next gen games and console features.

To be fair, a margin of 16,115 votes is hardly indicative of how the console war will end - especially when you consider that millions of each console will be available for purchase this upcoming holiday season. That said, it will be interesting to see how Microsoft tries to sway the masses in the coming months - either through silvery words or policy changes. Or... they may not try to do anything at all.

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