Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Capcom's Deep Down (PS4) looks epic

Capcom has something up its sleeve for the PlayStation 4, and it's a project called Deep Down. Preliminary info about the game makes it sound like an interesting fusion of Assassin's Creed and Dark Souls.

Combat looks to take you up close and personal.
Well at least you're not charging a dragon alone...
Deep Down, an action RPG with online elements, takes place in New York in 2094. Why the knights and dragons, you ask? Apparently your character is a sort of memory archaeologist, where you relive your ancestor's memories through various artifacts. More or less like Desmond from Assassin's Creed.

The dungeons, enemies, and weapons you encounter in these memories are allegedly going to be randomly generated. Additionally, the game is said to allow 4-player online co-op.

Deep Down's release date is still TBA, but it looks like it will be one epic ride.

Is it just me or is it getting hot in here?

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