Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Battlefield 3 beta on all platforms Sept. 29

A quick look at the Battlefield 3 website brings some new information that Battlefield fans have been eagerly awaiting since last year's Medal of Honor release - the beta is here...well, almost here.

The Battlefield 3 open beta will allow PC and console players to try out the rush game mode on the Operation Metro map from Thursday, September 29 to Monday, October 10. Even more good news for players who pre-ordered the game on Origin or purchased last year's lackluster Medal of Honor - they can access the beta starting September 27th.

Some gamers have expressed frustrations over the map selection, as many of the trailers have focused squarely on the Operation Metro map. Moreover, the exact same map and game mode was used during the PC alpha testing earlier this year.

I had the chance to play Battlefield 3 during the alpha and I, for one, am excited to get back into the fray - even if it is the same map! Operation Metro is a dynamic and exhilarating map that, in classic Battlefield style, caters to so many diverse styles of gameplay.

Below are some of my tactical recommendations based on my previous experience with each of the kits on this map:
  • Assault
    • When outside, either hop into a vehicle or hug cover around the outside of the map to ambush enemy snipers
    • When inside the metro, drop your medkit for your teammates near the major chokepoints - they will need it!
  • Engineer
    • When outside, stick to a vehicle and keep it functional - if you go on foot you will become quick sniper fodder.
    • When inside, you are the class at the greatest advantage as carbines have a higher rate of fire and you have RPGs/AT4s to clear the choke points!
  • Support
    • When outside, follow a similar strategy as the Assault class
    • When inside, find a good spot to go prone and cover the choke points
  • Recon
    • When outside, pick off enemy snipers or engineers as they're repairing vehicles.
    • When inside, look out for enemy snipers and the occasional enemy who runs around behind you.

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