Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Infinity Ward interesting in allowing fan made MW3 mods

In a recent Q&A interview with GameSpy, Infinity Ward PR rep Robert Bowling detailed some of the upcoming changes for Modern Warfare 3 on the PC.

When asked about potentially reintroducing custom mod support, Bowling responded, "It's something that we want to do." A popular feature of the original Modern Warfare, mod support was not included in Modern Warfare 2.

"It's something that I loved in Call of Duty 4, especially the total conversion mods that people did."

Despite his enthusiasm, Bowling made it clear that this is not a guarantee as, "it requires a lot of work on our end to create the tools [needed to make such mods]" and "it's work that doesn't get a huge priority." He explains that mod support is "one of those things that we can't start working on until the full game's finished...but it's something that we want to do."

Throughout the interview, several references were made to the most prominent COD4 PC mod, Star Wars: Galactic Warfare. The mod, which saw its finalized release in July after two years of development, reports that it has sported over 75,000 downloads and has seen more than 900,000 visitors to their YouTube channels to date.

While it remains to be seen if the PC version of Modern Warfare 3 will support fan-made mods, the Galactic Warfare community is apparently thriving still. I strongly recommend checking this out if you have a PC copy of COD4 - you might even run into Robert Bowling and make him your bantha!

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